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STEAM2020 Residency


Where are we?


We’re in Pensacola, Florida! A city full of contradictions and unfamiliar territories. We (Alex Hass and Maria Lantin) are here from February 1-22 as artists in residence, part of the STEAM2020 colloquium hosted by the University of Western Florida. Thomas Asmuth, one of the organizers for the colloquium invited us to exhibit the Epic Walk Diaries work in the TAG gallery at the University. We parlayed this invitation into an AIR gig because the carbon footprint of crossing the continent to exhibit work warranted a bigger contribution specific to the site and its communities.



What are we doing?


We installed the Epic Walk Diaries work in the TAG gallery at UWF. And we have a studio in the front space of the gallery where we are creating new work in collaboration with whoever wants to join us.


The studio space is now full of plant materials we have collected on our walks around campus and from the Perdido River Nature Preserve.  We have 3 different scanners, a printers, some computers.  We’ll be adding materials to create collages. Gifts are welcome! There is a notebook to contribute to as well as a growing Herbarium wall.


Our Schedule

These are the times that are currently scheduled. If you see a time slot that is empty and that you would like to book with us, just drop us a line via Thomas Asmuth (if you know him) or through the contact form on this site.