Dual is a virtual reality dance performance where two dancers (Maria Lantin and Ken Perlin) create visuals and sounds for an audience. The dancers’ location and head orientation are tracked with a motion capture system. A controller held in one hand is also tracked.

The dancers see a different view of the world than that generated for the audience. The dancers’ view contains stage cues as well as movement guides for certain triggered events during the performance. The dancers see each other as oriented avatar heads with one tracked hand. The audience see the dancers as representations of black holes circling each other.



Manipulation is a Digital Puppetry Theatre piece where motion tracked objects (proptics) and performers created a performance that was both virtual and physical.  The performance was part of the 2016 Vancouver Fringe Festival and took place in the Motion Capture Studio of Emily Carr University of Art + Design. It consisted of three 15-minute acts, each with an increasing amount of physical performance. All three acts used tracked physical objects and bodies to puppeteer virtual objects or characters in a virtual story world. The virtual world was projected on a screen behind the performers.