Manipulation is a Digital Puppetry Theatre piece where motion tracked objects (proptics) and performers created a performance that was both virtual and physical.  The performance was part of the 2016 Vancouver Fringe Festival and took place in the Motion Capture Studio of Emily Carr University of Art + Design. It consisted of three 15-minute acts, each with an increasing amount of physical performance. All three acts used tracked physical objects and bodies to puppeteer virtual objects or characters in a virtual story world. The virtual world was projected on a screen behind the performers.




Producer/Director: Athomas Goldberg Associate Producer: Kimberly Parker Production Manager: Alan Goldman Digital Sets and Props: Amir Tamadon, Kimberly Parker, Scott Mallory, Noah van Buhren, Reginald Condol, Athomas Goldberg, prOphecy sun Visual Effects: Stuart Maxwell, Athomas Goldberg Real-Time Digital Puppetry System: Athomas Goldberg, Maria Lantin Motion Capture Technician: Rick Overington Hardware Design and Fabrication: Dallas Luther, Bobbi Kozinuk Audio Technology and Engineering: Simon Overstall Lighting Technician: Matt Skinner Technical Assistance: Matt Luther, Gari Li Stage Manager: Renée Bucciarelli Stage Hands: Deniz Bilgin, Amir Tamadon, Vahid Homatash, Natty Boonmasiri Performers: Athomas Goldberg, Wryly Andherson, Viktor Barkar, Maria Lantin, Kirsten Starcher, Chris Murdoch, Ryan Mellors, Yuki Ueda, Elliot Wagner, Jade Nawata, Sebastian Yerex, Tria Medrano


October 28, 2016




digital puppetry, motion capture, peppersghost, performance, proptics, virtual worlds