I Am Afraid

I Am Afraid is a networked virtual reality application (currently for the Daydream platform) where multiple people can create interactive sound sculptures using their own voice.

Words are recorded and rendered as textual objects in the environment. Non-word sounds can also be recorded and are represented as abstract paper ball-like objects. The word objects can be played back through touch at any speed, direction, position. Paper balls loop their sounds when touched.

Custom loops through words and paper balls can be drawn, recorded, and played back, creating a layered soundscape that evolves dynamically through interactive and collaborative actions.

The application can be used for voice and sound exploration/composition, and performance.




Maria Lantin


Simon Lysander Oversall, Hongzhu Zhao, Kimberly Parker, Amir Tamadon, Adrian Bocker, Mirko Carich

Performance & Demos

TEDxECUAD 2017 (Vancouver, BC) IX Symposium 2017 (Montreal, QC) AR in Action 2017 (New York, NY)


June 19, 2017


artwork, performance


performance, poetry, social, sound, virtual reality