Maria Lantin | Time Space Scanner
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Time Space Scanner

The Time Space Scanner is a project for scanning living and dying organic matter that prioritizes neither time nor space but rather blends them to delve into the experience of memory, being and change. The Time Space Scanner uses a 2D flatbed scanner programmed to scan spatially random small samples at regular intervals, collecting 25,000 to 50,000 images over a period of 3-5 days. These micro captures are then reassembled and animated in real-time in a constantly changing mixture of rhythmic time and space. Any frame of the animation contains pixels drawn from multiple times and locations.


Epic Walk Diaries

Within the Time Space Scanner project, we have started The Epic Walk Diaries which chronicle a walk on the periphery of Vancouver, at the boundary between land and sea, between chaos and order. We start at Vanier Park and make our way along the beaches, into Pacific Spirit forest, and around the Delta. We remain as close to the shore as possible, sometimes on sanctioned trails, sometimes in brambles and scrambles. Each walk begins where the last one began. It is ongoing. During the walks we collect materials — plants, mushrooms, shells, woods — that call our attention. We talk about nothing and everything. We pause and listen.


At the end of each walk we create and publish a poem that captures what remains in memory — the emotional hotspots of laughter, realization, death, and life. We simultaneously start a one-week scan of a portion of the collected materials which are positioned on an open-top flatbed 2D scanner. The scan is done in bits and pieces, randomly picking a small rectangular area, scanning, resting, repeating. At the end of a week, 10-12 thousand scans have been recorded. These snippets, along with the poem fragments, are then reconstituted dynamically and endlessly using a TouchDesigner script.


A new visual treatment for the Epic Walk series was needed so we could  blend from one portion of the walk to another and  showcase both the macro view of the scan (the full composition of the the scanner bed) and the micro view of the individual scans, which always mesmerize and surprise us when the scanner is actively giving us new data. We also wanted to incorporate the words from the poem in a dynamic form.


There have been a total of nine walks so far, from August 26, 2018 to April 21, 2019. Four are documented side-by-side below.


This is a love story. A reconnection with where we live.


Project Team
Maria Lantin – Artist, Programmer, Collector
Alex Hass – Artist, Designer, Collector
Simon Overstall – Audio Designer/Programmer